October 28, 2015

Day 3 - some of the outside

I did some more shuffling around and added another light last evening.  I'm not entirely happy with this post, but the yard is coming along nicely.  I'll be tweaking up until mid-day Saturday.  

In this first one, you can see the 3 really big headstones that are currently still leaning up against the house.  When I wrote this (Tuesday night) - the leftovers from Hurricane Patricia have yet to arrive, but it's on the way.  They don't get along with wind, so they'll stay there until it's calmer. 

Also, after the wind / rain, I'll put some duds on the dancing skeletons.  Doesn't look like the dance costumes will be coming out again this year.  
 I draped some creepy cloth on some the skeletons for some interest.  And put a collar and a chain on Brutus so the little guy can walk him. 
 So here it is so far!

 I love my little ghostie blowmolds in front of the fence. 
 Beagle Bonez & Real Beagle!

I've had a few scattered thoughts of what I could do to continue to improve it, but haven't written anything down as of yet (always planning for next year, ya know!)



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