October 13, 2015

Day 18 - Cemetery Tuesday - North Oxford

This is another kind of odd set up - there were 2 cemeteries right next to each other.  Find A Grave shows it as one but street view clearly shows both signs.  But the North Oxford Road side had a lot fewer graves.  I'm not sure if the 348 graves listed are for both cemeteries or just one. I'm thinking both. 

They're both located off a dirt road in Lapeer county, surrounded by farmland.  These pictures were taken on a nice day last May - so that's why there's no leaves on the trees.  I was in a hurry to meet my sister at the place I posted about last week - so I'd like to go back and look more. 
This one is so pretty!  But so sad, for a 15 year old boy. 
Love this one!
This one is interesting that it's made out of either plumbing or electrical conduit. 

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