October 22, 2015

Day 9 - Skeletons, skeletons and some skulls!

I've come to the conclusion that I may need intervention. 

 Mini tequila bottles and a mini Crystal skull vodka bottle. 
I have another like this sitting on the stove.
 Embrace the glitter! 
There's a silver glitter one, too, but it's still clamped up after being glued where his entire arm / shoulder blade popped off.

Daisy approves!
All the clothed / winged ones are about 14 inches tall.  
I stopped at Walgreen's yesterday and forced myself not to grab any of the 5' tall ones they had, so I made do with this pair instead!

 Nutcrackers are a whole 'nother intervention story - I have over 100!
And I have H'ween, Easter & St. Pats ones!

  Love these guys!
 This is one of my faves, too.
 The mini-cemetery really expanded in the off-season.  I sure don't remember having this many last year and all but 2 came out of the bottom of a tote!

 But wait!  We're not done!  Let's go outside.
This windchime is gonna kill me yet.  it's on the overhang in front of the garage so when I back into the driveway and walk around behind my car....it's pretty much face-level on me. 

Let's see.....several skulls, a rat skeleton, random bones, a plastic chain and old dog collar, fake greenery and vases, real leaves and a paint roller sleeve!
Should probably do something with this stuff.
The kids & Beagles crack me up!
The trio.
The 6 1/2 footer. 
I'm sure there's some that I missed, too.  

Now for the weather report......


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