October 30, 2015

Day 1 - Zombie / Gravedigger

OMG - tomorrow is the big day!  This wind has finally died down for the time being, so I'll set everything back up and go take some video in the cemetery tonight.   Of course, it's still calling for rain in the afternoon.  But they're saying less than 1/10 of an inch, so that's tolerable, I guess, if I have to. 

So here we go!  I am a huge Monster truck fan.  I also collect Hot Wheels.  I just have a couple.  We go watch the trucks at Ford Field every year, so I've seen every single one of these trucks in real life.  If I haven't seen them in person, I don't buy the toy. 
I also have a Gravedigger 25th anniversary semi that can 'haul' 3 Hot Wheels in the trailer, a smaller Coca Cola semi and an even smaller Detroit Red Wings semi. 

Anywhoo, the last 2 years, Monster Jam has offered Halloween editions of a couple of their trucks.  Last year was Gravedigger, this year Zombie!
 The original is on the left.  H'ween edition on the right. 

 And here's last year's Gravedigger.  They've done an awesome job with these.  

Makes me wonder what they'll come up with next year!



  1. Cool collection! Didn't know they put out Halloween editions of the trucks, those look awesome!

    1. These are the only 2 that I know of, but they are the most appropriate ones!!


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