Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 23 - Secret Reaper

I am a member of the HalloweenForum (lisa48317 over there) and for the last couple years I've participated in the Secret Reaper (the H'ween version of Secret Santa) It's always a big hit with the members, so there are multiple Reapers that happen over the year. I just do the main 2.  

When one signs up, they post a list of what they like and don't like and possible items they need or want for their display / haunt / whatever.  There's supposed  to be a $20 limit - new, used, hand-me-downs, whatever. 

For my first victim, she was doing a haunted house and her theme was phobias.  One of the rooms was creepy dolls so I was able to rummage thru the garage and pull out the baby dolls I'd started a few years ago and didn't finish because they didn't go with my display.  I finished them up and shipped them off to their new home in Canada.  She loved them !
The goodies for my second victim are sitting willy-nilly in a box, waiting to be packed up and mailed, so I don't have pics of anything in there yet.  I had some things in mind that I already had, so I dug thru some totes as I pulled them to the front of the garage and put them in the box.  

I was the victim of a Canadian, too!  
This lady is clearly a phenomenal artist as well as making great choices in gift-giving.   
Stickers & candy & fall washcloths.
 Small foam headstones that I'm going to add plywood to the back of to bulk them up and repaint.  
 Spider candles & a huge freaking ghost that's gonna look cool in one of the big maples. 
 And the BEST GIFT EVAAAAAAAH!!  She hand-painted this zombie nutcracker!  
I totally adore it! 
 Spiderwebs, straws and a metal glitter house. 
 Chester approves of the window clings & doorbell. 
My second Reaper I think went WAY over the $20 limit.  I got 2 boxes from her and I honestly thought they had no bottoms.  I kept pulling things out!
Box #1 - a bag of bones, 2 window clings, a chalkboard headstone, 2 solar powered JOL lights and a motion sensor rat & crow - I haven't played with those yet!
 Box #2 - Day of the Dead cookies and candies. 
 Skull shot glasses that light up and the most awesome wine glass!
 My kitten already attacked the monster, a stress ball skull, a ghost candle holder and vanilla ghost hand soap. 
 Mini chalkboard stones and ToT block.  I was admiring that in the store - glad I didn't buy it!
 Bat Wall Art, holiday transfers for my apothecary bottles and face tattoos!
 Glow in the Dark nail polish, a purple bell spider and a Frankenstein / Bride bag. 
 Awesomely creepy orange lights and a nice strobe light! 
I confess there's a few things that I'll pass on during another Reaper or something, but most of the stuff I will use and enjoy!  It's a lot of fun, both the 'stalking' and deciding on the perfect items and also the receiving - since you don't know who drew your name until you get the package, and then it's only if they chose to reveal themselves!


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