October 09, 2015

Day 22 - a work in progress

So setup is moving along nicely - the fence & most of the headstones as well as all the blowmolds are in the yard.  I put the skeletons & lights out there Wednesday night.....

And I'm not happy with it.  I don't like the lights and it looks way too busy.  I guess I shouldn't have gotten so many new skeletons!  {gasp!  Did I really say that out loud?!?!?!} It looks more like a skelly party than a cemetery.  This is what I have so far - and this doesn't include the small skeletons or animals! Oh, and 4 more headstones that need paint and 2 others that need a plywood backing and new paint. 

The token picture of the Mosh Pit of Blowmolds.

Sooo......I think I'm going to move the fence out to the front of the big trees and on the left side, take it around the tree instead of inside it. That'll give me a little bit more room.
I LoVe the green spotlights - I got them in the Christmas section at WalMart last year.  I need blue ones that are just as intense. Or maybe I need to switch them around and have the green on the outside and the blue focused on the door?
Doesn't the skull in the door look awesome?? Love it. 

I need to move stones around, since I have the ghost projection light that I am thinking to put on the fence next to the house. So that big stone that's usually there has to move. 

I feel I need to up my game a bit, since I'm listed on The Scare Factor Directory!!  
It's sort of weird being on there listed with fantastical places like Erebus and Slaughtered at Sundown - all those places people wait in lines and pay to get into.  But when I filled out the "contact us" section of the website and asked if something as small and insignificant as my yard display could be listed on their site, they were so nice, saying sure!  Send us the info!  So there I am - all the way down under Shelby Township.  

I worked on it a bit last night - moving stuff around and putting out the small skellies.  It does look better with the fence moved out more and the area around the coffin looks less busy, altho all 3 skeletons are still hanging out there.

It's supposed to rain tonight, but I'm OK with that, since a rodent or twelve got into my coffin where the ghosts were stored and now they REEK so bad and are stained with excrement.  I hosed the ones on stakes down, but the little hanging one needs a good rinse.  I'll get it finished up this weekend - it's supposed to be sunny both days, 63* on Saturday and 71* on Sunday!  



  1. My first thought was you really need a dancing couple with the skeletons! Then I scrolled down to the skeletons dancing. :o ) Its my goal to have a yard full of waltzing skeletons or ghosts some day!
    Yay! for being included on the list.


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