Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 25 - Cemetery Tuesday - Metamora

Welcome to Cemetery Tuesday!  This is where I share some of my explorations of (usually) local cemeteries.  This one is from last May, which is why there are no leaves on the trees. 

This one is kind of interesting in that when you look at the map on Find A Grave, it shows it only to be on the south side of Dryden Road....but this sign is on the north side.  It's a newer section with a lot fewer interments.  The backwards 7s are interesting. 
I intentionally didn't get this entire stone since it was very new.  The lady had (judging by all the hand-made stones left there) a much beloved dance teacher. The ballerina en pointe is so pretty!  It was also etched with the woman and her family.  Not sure I would want to be on a stone if I'm not under it! 
 This is located in SE Michigan's horse / hunt country, so it's no surprise that it's bordered on the side and back by a horsey property. 

If you're interested - this place is for sale.  For a bargain price of just under $2 million, you can get a 4000 sq foot mansion on 32 acres, with a Thoroughbred horse training facility, complete with race track, 80 stall barn and equine therapy pool. 
 My sister joined me this day.  We saw this name a lot. 
  This is a pretty neat leaning stone. 
I like this!
This is so sweet!

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