October 12, 2015

Day 19 - Skeleton Comparisons

This is a dramatic comparison in the styles of skeletons from 'At Home' (formerly known as Garden Ridge) Their quality has gone way up! 

I paid $50 for both of these. The hanging one I got in 2012 and the pose & stay this year. 
2012 is on the left and 2015 on the right. 
2012 appears to have more "aging' in the coloring. The bone is more of a gray with more dark wash. 2015 is ecru and very clean. 

I can't believe I forgot to take pics of the shoulders, so I just went out and took some.  You can see 2012 has a funky wire harness holding the arm on. 2015's looks almost realistic. 
Random trivia - 2012's nuts & bolts are metric. 
 This is the elbow.  You can see the locking mechanism on 2015's.
Incidentally - 2012 is my only damaged skeleton. the other elbow somehow snapped and is tied on with twine. 
 2012 had foam between its vertebrae. 
 2012 also has kneecaps!  The only one of my skeletons to have them. 
 2012's legs are held on by long (rusty) screws, which have split the femurs.  A couple white zipties will fix that.  We'll see if 2015 has stainless screws. 
 2012's hands are held on by a single screw into the plastic from a L shaped metal piece between the radius & ulna on the arm. It's a huge pain in the butt to reattach, which is why the other hand is currently held on by twine. 
 2012's feet are more solid.  
Oops, they're switched here, but it's still plain to see which one is which.  I probably could have made 2012 taller by adjusting the hip joint. 
2012 is currently sitting out on the coffin while 2015 is nearby - waving.  And his arm has been up for several days now with no problem at all.  I am extremely pleased with this year's offering....which happens to be identical to the one at Michael's for $80.   


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