September 30, 2015

It's a start!

Well, Monday was the daughter's birthday, so that means yesterday was fair game to begin setting up the cemetery!  The main things I wanted to get out were the fence, stones & blowmolds and that's exactly what I got done!  The rest will slowly come out over the next few days / weeks.  
Jack always has to supervise. 
Hmm - which one does not belong?

There's a couple more stones that need to go out.  
I've never had rodent damage before - so a couple touch ups need to happen.  Pretty sure the residents of the left-hand pic are the culprit.  It was between some the stones in the shed.
I noticed that we're on the elementary school bus route this year - wonder how many kids are actually on it when it goes by?  

So the weather is perfect right now. The rest of the week mostly sunny and mid-low 60s but the low 40s at night may actually give our new furnace a workout. 

I'm going to have to dig the totes out of the garage tonight (they're buried under Christmas totes, but there's not anywhere near as many of those!) and find my decorations for work as well as find some stuff I have in mind for my Secret Reaper #2.  

I have some projects going on in the house that I need to finish up before I can start doing anything inside.  The new furnace?  Just installed yesterday so I need to put the shelves back up so I can get the laundry soap & stuff off the kitchen table and fun stuff like that.  The living room is a mess - I pulled everything away from one wall so I could repaint.  Painting is done, but I need to hang some picture ledges and shelves and the hubby wants to re-wire and get rid of some of the 700 miles of wire back there before I move it back.  That part may get postponed.


Anyhooo, the Countdown to Halloween begins tomorrow!  Can you believe it's October Eve already?  I was so happy to see the badges this year ARE the cool masks from back in the day.  I couldn't choose just one, so I am using them ALL!!  



  1. Looking good! Love those blowmolds. Nothing says classic Halloween like a few good blowmolds!


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