October 01, 2011

T-3o days!

The Countdown to Halloween is on!!

OMG, there are over 200 blogs signed up to participate in this marathon of Halloween awesomeness.  I really don't know how I'll ever get a chance to look at all of them!

Set up has begun!  Obviously, this is the sign that is destined to be mounted on ~something~ out where it can actually be seen and not reclining on my back patio as it is here.

The daughter & I had the stones put out earlier this week, but between doing the Dance Mom Shuttle, work (darn that work!  Always in the way!!) and it being cold & rainy.... not much else got done.  Until today.  I installed a fence around one section of the cemetery & was arranging the blowmolds when my neighbors from 2 doors down slowed as they drove by.

Some background on these neighbors.  They just moved into the neighborhood in late winter.  They had Easter stuff in their yard (and hanging from the roof.  And hanging from the trees.  And in the windows.  Etc.) before St. Patrick's Day.  The flags for Memorial Day / 4th of July stayed out all summer.  And they put out their Halloween stuff over Labor Day weekend.

Don't get me wrong, altho it was extremely early, I was tickled to see another house where they make an effort.  There are very few houses in the neighborhood who do more than a JOL on the porch or a ghost in the tree.  There's a guy the next street over who drives a hearse (complete with purple flames!!) and has a 7 foot Frankenstein standing at the corner of his garage year round.  Of course he is one to watch.  2 streets over the other way, there's a house that usually has 5 or 6 huge inflatables out.   They're not really my thing, but to each their own!

Ok, I'm rambling, but you get the point.   There's not many of us who fully express our joy of the haunting Season.  However, I have a minor issue with their display.  It looks like a WalMart truck vomited in their yard.  They have a lot of STUFF and it just looks like its tossed around the yard & plugged in.

Anyhooooo.  I am really not complaining.  Maybe because another house on our street is decorated, we'll get more TOTers this year!

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