October 17, 2011

Day 17 - I like pairs!

I've noticed I have a lot of pairs of items.  I have very few loners.

 Steve & Murph.

 Mr & Mrs Bones

 The Fabulous Dueling Skeletons

 Arrr & Emm

 Edgar & Matilda

 Daryl & his other brother Daryl

 I was so tweaked to find these on ebay!  
We had one like on the left when I was a kid. 
My mom couldn't remember it, but my brother vaguely did.  
The one on the right was a bonus, since they came together.

 Fortunately - I only have 1 Beagle to stare at me.

 Terrance & Phillip

 Jimmy & Chris

And there are 2 of these, too.

How could I forget these guys????

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