October 07, 2011

Day 7 - an "Autumn" post

This isn't Halloween related, but it involves both football & hockey - FALL things!!

Last night was my daughter's first football games as a member of the Utica H.S. JV Dance Team.  She danced at both the freshman and JV games during halftime.  We're very proud of her.    She told my sisters that she was going to dazzle the crowd with her awesomeness.  No, there are no ego problems in my family!

 The Dance Team with all the Kids' Clinic participants.
This was a fundraiser - the team taught all these little girls a dance & they got to perform at the game, too!

Never misses a chance to pose!

A celebratory donut at Tim Horton's afterward.  
Halloween colors or school colors?  YES!

And it's the season opener for the Detroit Red Wings... WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!

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