October 27, 2011

4 days! Grow your own Zombie

Another easy project, but takes several days - for drying time.

 I got this stuff from JoAnn Fabrics (also similar stuff at Michael's) and followed the directions.  
Really easy.
 I needed small hands, so I borrowed one of these.

Got the vase at the Dollar Store.  It came with the gold tinge to it.  
I haven't decided if I'm going to repaint it or not.  For now it's OK. 
I could have used a regular flower pot. 

The first coat of paint looked rather realistic. 
The mold stuff is pretty awesome.  
It picked up the details in the texture of her skin and everything. 

I just kept adding layers of color until I got the look I wanted.
I kept it on the green side, since it is - growing - ya know!

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