October 05, 2011

Day 5 - almost done setting up the cemetery!

Well, a combination of the family being gone and nice weather last weekend caused me to get set up.  It still needs a few touches here & there (and the lawn mowed, dammit!) but for the most part, I can sit back and enjoy! 

Jimmy & Chris are on post!


Now, apparently I got happy getting stuff.  I don't quite know what I'm going to do with these guys.  They just sit around my living room, hogging the couch with Skeeter.

And I also got one of these from WalMart over the summer.

Heeheeh, sometimes I wish I still had a car seat around!  The first day I had him back there, I was driving to work and kept hearing a noise coming from the back seat.  I finally looked back there and told Terrance (when I told this story to the hubby & daughter - they both swore I called him Terrance, but I don't remember that!! So I guess that's his name now.)  that better not be him making that sound!  But it kept on.  Until I realized it was the metal sign posts that I'd gotten for the MGC sign lying on the floorboards rattling around.   It was funnier because he'd been staring right at me. 

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