October 26, 2011

5 Days!! PVC candles & how I did them.

It's been taking me a while to finish these.  Maybe if I worked on them regularly......eh.  That's crazy talk!

Anyway.  Started out with 1 1/4" PVC.  I bought a 2' length of it at Home Depot for like $2.79.  It's not the most cost-efficient way to buy PVC, but this is all I needed.

I cut it in 7", 8" & 9" pieces, then re-cut the tops at an angle.

I got this lovely electric candle at the Salvation Army for a whopping $1.

And removed the base.
I know you envy my 70's vomit-colored countertop.
And because it is electric, I notched the PVC at the bottom for the cords.

I glued the PVC pipes together & used hot glue to create drips around the tops 
(which I missed getting pics of).
Then they got painted.
btw - I love this paint!  The coverage is amazing!

I also painted the candles, since they will show a little bit.
I balled up some masking tape and shoved in the tops to protect the bulb contacts.
The rake was an ideal tool for holding them.
Wrapped each candle in some pipe insulation that we had in the garage.
(Duct tape courtesy of the girl.)
This held them into the PVC at the correct height.

Shoved the insulated candles into the PVC & lined up cord in the notches.
I used the smaller pieces of the insulation as shims around the candles to center them in the PVC.

Touched up the drips with some bright green paint...

Finished product!  
It is not plugged in here because it was raining and I was NOT about to mess with wet extension cords.  
So imagine it glowing!

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