October 23, 2011

Day 21 (and 22 and 23 !!!)

Sheesh!  I was actually busy at work Friday & the hubby was hogging the desk all day yesterday (imagine 2 desks / computers in a corner with one chair.  Does not make for happy blogging!!) Anyhoooo.

I stopped at Spirit Halloween, conveniently located around the corner from my work, on my way home Friday.  So when I picked the girl up from school - this was in my back window. 


 Saturday I did some rearranging of the Maple Grove Cemetery.  
Good help is hard to find!
Of course, she's texting.

 Wow!  Jane looks so realistic!!

Just a few minor tweaks and I'll be happy.  The right side green flood is going to be switched out with the blue, so the right side of the house will be lit up more.  And the big white blob on the corner of the house will get a lower wattage bulb. 

I'm happier with this side now, since I moved that blowmold ghost over here. 
I was afraid he'd drown out my purple lights.

 I got this on clearance in Target last year in November.  When I plugged it in, 2 of the branches didn't light up.  So instead of fighting with bulbs to find out which was bad...I wrapped purple lights around the unlit oranges ones.  I love that you can't really see this tree against the gnarly old cherry tree during the day.

 Except for the bat.

 The new blowmold who needs a dimmer bulb. 

 I guess he wanted to be a decoration, too!

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