October 20, 2011

Day 20 - not much goin' on

Besides being cold, crappy & rainy out - the darn girl is keeping me running, so I didn't get much done tonight.  Ballet at the studio, then back home to get dressed.  Dance routine at halftime with school dance team.  Quick hot chocolate & donut at Tim Horton's then back to the studio for her competition jazz class.   I did, however, make my house fairly presentable so when my sister stopped by, I felt OK inviting her in to see my decorations!   Clean up efforts have begun after the Halloween tornado struck!

This sister, Laurie, hasn't seen Angel dance with the school dance team, so she came over to brave the wind & mist with me, at least until halftime was over.  UHS was getting stomped anyway - 34-0 when we left! 

 That's Angel workin' it with the yellow arrow.

 Anyway - we sat outside my house in the car and surveyed the cemetery.  These pics were not taken tonight, since it was still windy & drizzly out.

 Left side of front yard.

 A bit closer.

 That ghost blowmold is crazy bright!

 Right side of driveway.

I had commented about how dark this side of the yard was and was thinking of adding another flood light to, well, light it up!  I had a strobe out there last year and that helped.  Laurie suggested switching the ghost blowmold with one of those over there and then I probably wouldn't need the extra flood!  WOW!  I got a reasonably good suggestion from a family member!  That doesn't happen often!  So as soon as this damn rain and wind stops, I think I'll have to shuffle some things around.  I just am concerned that the ghost will drown out my purple lights.  But I won't know until I try!

And these are my awesome new lounge pants, so I no longer have to steal my hubby's!

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