October 15, 2011

Day 15 - WIP candles & Lowe's

I have gathered up the bits & pieces required to make PVC candles to set on my toe-pincher, however I'll save that for another post, because I still need to assemble & paint them.

I won't get to finish them until later today or tomorrow since here in a bit I have to take the girl (ghoul - LOL!) to today's round of dance classes (she's got school dance team practice 2 days a week + games and studio dance classes 3 days a week) and then I have to make up some time at work that I missed earlier this week.  Darn responsibilities anyway!  Getting in the way my prop-making!!

Carrying on smartly!

I got this cool email from Lowe's featuring their Halloween projects!

Some are pretty neat!
 The requisite foam stones.


 Spidery frames


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