September 27, 2011

Say hello to my little friends!

This is Darrel and my other brother Darrel.

Heehee - they're so dorky looking, but I'm sure they'll fit into the Maple Grove Cemetery just fine.

I was seriously considering getting one of those $30 WalGreen skellys, but I'd ordered these guys thru a group buy on the HF back in July.  There has been some issues with the guy who arranged it & I thought I wouldn't get them, but when people started posting that they received their bluckies, I opted to wait and see.  Sure enough - there was a big ol' box waiting for me today!

Speaking of the cemetery, Angel & I got the stones put out last night.  I don't have any pics yet, since it got dark while we were out there & it was starting to rain when I got home tonight. 

Only one minor injury.  I was hammering a wood stake in the lawn to slide a stone over and missed it and hit my wrist of the hand I was holding the stake with.  You know, that nice tender area of thin skin right above the palm?  Yeah.  Another nice bruise for me!  But I did not cuss! 

Before we got started, we stood in the driveway and surveyed the yard.  Then I noticed a leaf floating above the flowerbed.  I looked closer and saw it was caught in this guy's web! 

Just do NOT come into my house!!!

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