October 13, 2011

Day 13 - a Real Mystery!

I've mentioned my crazy neighbors before.  I compared their yard to a Walmart truck vomiting (heehee!). 

So last night, one of the girl's friends came over so they could paint t-shirts in preparation for School Spirit Day / Homecoming tomorrow.  Emily commented to me about the neighbors not having their stuff out anymore.  I just assumed that they didn't have anything plugged in, so it was all dark & deflated in front of their house and she just didn't see anything. 

We went to get some dinner and on the way home I flipped my bright headlights on going down our street.  Sure enough - their yard was bare!  At first I thought maybe they pulled up all the yard stuff so they could cut the grass.  Nope.   The lights were off the roof.  The ghosties out of the trees.  The plastic window covers gone.  Everything gone.  GASP !!!

I was shocked!  Every time I'd driven by, I looked.  I had come to the conclusion they did indeed have method to their madness.  The giant inflatable JOL was in the center.  The 2 JOL blowmolds on each side - then all their peoples were surrounding the JOLs like a bonfire or something.  And then the whole thing was roped in by lights.   I'd come to appreciate it.  And they had one of those awesome purple witch-stirring-the-cauldron blowmolds, too!

So I'm sad that they took it down!  And I really wonder why!!!

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