October 09, 2021

Day 9 - Bloopers & Fun

I'm sure there will be more of these before Halloween actually gets here!

These are my 2 helpers.  Spawn (and soon - BabyGirl) & BabyBoy. 

For the last few years, Spawn has made it her job to put the headstones out in the cemetery.  

Here they're measuring out the "open" grave. 
BabyBoy has a selection of 100 other skeletons, but he chooses Chuck. 
This is a boy on a mission!  
He's somewhat like the KoolAid Man - watch out!
He saw me with a hammer, so he had to get his. 
And helped put the fence up. 
(insert horse poop joke here>
Trying out the open grave. 
Lots of new friends!
The poor kid is going to grow up thinking it's normal to have random skeletons in the house. 
~one of these is not like the others~
I stood the skeleton there to be "guiding" the horse to back up, but Spawn put his hand in the horse's mouth....and it's still there!
I really like the layered shadows on the house....
Didn't know where to put these guys.
The one on the right needs to move, you can't see him from the street. 
wild dance moves? 

Can't wait to see what happens out there next.  
BabyBoy likes to play with the loose skulls. 

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