October 26, 2021

Day 26 - Roaming around Romeo

When Spawn & I went to Tillson Street earlier this month, a lot of houses hadn't started decorating yet.  
So I made a trip out there today and also cruised around the neighborhoods in the area and found a lot of neat houses. 

That's a cool old wheelchair out there - wonder if it's real?
Doc Bones & the Graveyard Pickers

This is the first 12 foot "Inferno" guy that I've seen in real life.  
Pretty cool!
This house always makes me laugh - the dogs in the stroller and the skeletons being pulled in wagons. 
This house just looks like it belongs in Salem.
Those were some cool real-looking headstones!
I'm not sure what these guys were doing in the pond...
Romeo's high school mascot is the Bulldog. 
This was big enough to drive a car thru!
This is funny - the skeleton is waving to another across the street!
And she's waving back!
The random Twin Towers & skeletons is neat, but odd. 
I'm not sure if this was supposed to be there or not, since I did see a variety of hats & gloves that had been dropped on the sidewalk.

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