October 05, 2021

Day 5 - Cemetery Tuesday! Blaney Cemetery

Welcome to Cemetery Tuesday!
The Spouse and I went on vacation of Michigan's U.P. for our 15th anniversary last July.  
(Read about it here if you want)
I happened to glance up as we were cruising north on M-77 and got a quick glimpse of this row of crosses in the back of a field.  I was able to look it up based on our location and I asked the Spouse to stop on the way back south. 
Find A Grave says there are 9 memorials
For not having very many interments, the large plot of land is very well kept.
Random angels in the front.
John F. & Mary Ann Levien.
They're not in Find A Grave yet, since they're both still alive.
David Eyk
Nov. 28, 1942 - Jan 23, 2003

I don't know.  I think it would be weird to see my name on a headstone, waiting. 
Close up of the crosses.  None of them had names or anything. 
Dear Father
Maurice Shine
July 8, 1854 - Jan 17, 1920
4 in a row. 2 don't have names. 
Clyde Fairchild
1923 - 1923
How sad.
Kemton Fairchild
1928 - 1928
Carl F. Olsen
1907 - 1921
Justine Nella Helmus
Jan 4, 1939 - July 8, 2014
Marian L. Helmus
Jan 3, 1936 - Feb 22, 2016
Norman F. & Marianne V. Colborn (still both alive)
Sharon M. Storms
1950 - 2015
That's a little solar light between them. 
Noah Arcon
1843 - 1915
His is the only white cross that has a name. 

I'm sure Mueller Township has info about who all the crosses are for and who the blank markers are for, too.   Otherwise, it was a nice (brief) visit!

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