October 11, 2021

Day 11 - the beginnings of Tillson Street

If case you didn't know - I'm located in SE Michigan.  About 20 miles north of Detroit, if you want to be more specific.  Well, if you keep going north, up the road from me, another 12 miles or so, you'll come to the little town of Romeo.  
Imagine an entire street of mostly Victorian / late 1800's era houses where most of them go all out, decorating for Halloween. 

We actually went a bit early this year to look at the houses during the day, not all of the houses have been decorated or finished yet.  The Spawn is due to have Grandbaby #2 any day and wanted to go while we only have one little monster to deal with.
OK, these first couple are one street over on Pleasant St. 
The wolf skeletons climbing the pole are pretty unique & cool!
This is the perfect Halloween paint color for a house!
I love this house anyway, they have several giant t-rex skeletons and of course one of the 12 foot guys.  
They usually have a Jurassic Park truck out there, too. 

Now we're going onto Tillson. 
I did some poking - that's a real Century 21 sign.  
 This house just sold on October 8.
There's one other on this street that's in the process of selling and another 1870 beauty up for sale.  I appreciate that in each listing, they note that the street is "famed" for Halloween, so anyone looking to buy isn't surprised come October when thousands of people are roaming their neighborhood!
This is the Tillson Hotel - they change up their theme every couple years.  They had the most awesome hockey set up before the hotel - real ice rink boards, a real Zamboni & everything.  It's one of my favorite houses to see every year.   
Being a former sailor myself, I thought this was hilarious!
They had 3 skeletons out there in real dress blues.
This house had a lot of Grimm Fairy Tales gone wrong.  Tons of detail..
This is why I like to go during the day so I can appreciate all the hard work people put into their displays.
This house usually has a masquerade ball, but they weren't done setting up yet.  
Spawn and I had many questions about this little vignette. 
Beetleguise & Lydia were up on the porch. 
When the clown house was up for sale a few years ago, my sister and I went and peeked in the windows since it appeared empty.  Both of us had heart attacks when the front door opened and the owner invited us in to look around!  Luckily the Spouse and brother in law were waiting out in our respective cars, so we went in!  The owner was pretty much living in one room until the house sold.  He told us all the clown decor came with the house and I think it's pretty awesome that the new owners have 100% embraced the clown house and even added to the display. 

I'm sure I'll go back sometime before Halloween to see the rest. 


  1. Love your sharing of the Tillson Street Halloween home/yard haunts over the past few years. Such fantastic Halloween spirit in that neighborhood. This will be our 12th Halloween in our current neighborhood and we wished we had inspired more to get into the spirit of things after them having seen our yard haunt magically appear on every Halloween, but alas, only about 2% of the homes in the neighborhood put out actual "Halloween" decorations or lights.

  2. Such great shots! Love how committed some people get. Walking during the day, I have seen some decorated lawns and it makes me want to go walk again at night to see what they look like illuminated.


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