October 04, 2021

Day 4 - the Great Pumpkin Run

My little fall tradition since 2018 is the "Gourdy's Pumpkin Run" 
(formerly the Great Pumpkin Run).

It's a virtual run - but because it would take something seriously life-threatening to get me to run, I walk my 5K.  

You simply run / walk / crawl / float / however you decide to travel the distance you choose, then upload your time on the website.   

My only issue is that with some of these shorter runs, they send you the medal as soon as you register.  
My Swag Bag
It's comes with a race bib, since some people actually go to real physical racecourses. 
And a really cool hoodie. 
I'm not sure why it comes with a postcard, but it does. 
The arm art on the hoodie is really nice!
Pumpkin Spice Apple Cider!
I also sign up to do the "Tough Pumpkin", which means you're supposed to carry a pumpkin with you while you do your 5K. 

You're technically supposed to wait until after you do the 5K to open the packages, but I cheat.  
A 5K will take me just over an hour to walk.  
The medals are really nice and they have magnets on the back in case you want to display them. 
I just realized they have an October Challenge, too! 
This medal is super cute. 
I should go sign up. 

Here are some of the other runs that I've gotten medals for
Frankenstein's Monster
Yes.Fit is my favorite website to go thru for virtual runs.  They have a lot of long distance runs, where you can either sync up your FitBit or Apple Watch and it automatically adds your activity to your race.  I prefer to go for a walk using Map My Walk and manually enter my exact distance & time into Yes.Fit's website.

Each time you add to your race, they'll show you where you're at on a map and show interesting pictures or tell stories.  Like for this Vampires one - they took you thru Romania and end up at Dracula's castle.  Then at then end, it tells you how long it took you to do the 105.2 miles and they send out your medal.
This was part of a whole Edgar Allen Poe series.

I'm currently signed up for this 39.7 miles Witches Race and the map takes you around Salem, MA
This is the next one I want to do - the Zombie Madness 28.1 miles around New Orleans. 
It's a lot of fun to get rewarded for getting some exercise!
The "Striding Dead"
This is several years old and he still glows in the dark really bright. 
I think this was from the Virtual Strides website....

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  1. Medals and prizes are so cool! Makes me almost want to do it myself. LOL


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