October 01, 2021

Day 1 - Welcome!

Welcome to the 2021 Countdown to Halloween and to my little corner of the Interwebz!

I'm Lisa, and Halloween is my jam. 
(Hi, Lisa!)

Pre-2008, I never really decorated for Halloween much.  
Don't get me wrong, I thought it was fun, I just didn't do much for it. 
Then for some reason, in 2008, I went and bought 2 sheets of plywood and cut out some headstones for the front yard.  
I have to use a daytime picture since, other than the blowmolds, there were no lights! 
2020 - a bit of an improvement, in my opinion!
...and I'm still using those original plywood headstones!  
They've been repainted a time or two, but they're still going strong. 
I have just a few skeletons.

They do different things within the cemetery every year. 
This year's theme is...
a FUNeral!
Inspired by this procession car flag that I saw on the side of the road one morning last March. 
There was a literally a bean of sunshine on it as I drove by - so I turned around and picked it up!

I don't do blood & gore.  I prefer part spooky / part silly.
I put decorating inside the house on hold this year, except for the bare minimum, since the 22 month old grandson isn't called Mr. Grabby Hands for no reason! 

Anyhooo.  For this year's Countdown, I'll be posting about a couple real cemeteries that I found interesting, visiting a couple places of interest in my neck of the woods (SE Michigan), documenting the display set up, posting random fun stuff and there will be a new granddaughter making her appearance sometime towards the middle of the month!  

I also will have plenty of mentions of Chuck.  
He's sort of a Halloween Flat Stanley, except he's 3D.  
And a skeleton.

He's been all over the country with me.  
All over Michigan.  Arkansas many times. Ohio a few times. Illinois.  Road-tripped to Texas.  Flown to Tennessee, just to name a few of this adventures.  
He's become a family fixture and people expect to see him!
Chuck is also doing the Countdown on Instagram!

I can't wait to check out what all the other participants are doing on this linkup!


  1. Looking forward to this year's Countdown! Enjoy it, and say hi to Chuck! ;)

  2. Hope you and Chuck have a great month!


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