October 28, 2021

Day 28 - Tillson Street (again)

Yes, I know I've already done a Tillson Street post, but I'd gone there back on 10/10 so there weren't many houses fully decorated.  NOW they are.  Some of the pics you may have seen from before.

btw, there won't be any nighttime shots since I went there with the family - and approximately 17 million other people.  It seriously is NOT fun (in my opinion) to go to Tillson Street at night close to Halloween, since so many other people also go - there are literally people 4 or more deep along the sidewalks, barely moving.  Plus people walking on that strip of lawn between the sidewalk & street - and out in the street.  An ambulance was trying to make his way down the street with lights going, and people wouldn't move!!  It's insane.  That's also why I wouldn't ever want to live there, as cool as the thought may be.  Homeowners couldn't pull into their own driveways!

Carrying on....
I'm surprised there weren't more UofM / State things since the big rivalry game is this weekend!
This house doesn't have much of a front yard, but they're slowly adding more things each year. 
The next 5 pics go with this one.  They did a Grimm Fairy Tales Gone Wrong kind of theme.  
Super cool.
I hope a real person hides in here on Halloween!
The next 7 go with this one.  They do this cool masquerade ball every year with really interesting characters. 
The silver & gold show girls are new!
The aerial artists spin around.
I've never seen this house decorated!  Maybe the new owners will. 
They always do a Wizard of Oz theme.
This is one of my favorites.  
Skeletons doing regular stuff crack me up!
Here's the other Beetleguise house. 
Both mannequins they have really look like Lydia, too!
I hope these guys are OK - it looks like they started to set up, but didn't finish.  
They usually have a theater theme.
to be continued!

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  1. Just love all the photos! Once again, thank you so much for sharing this fantastic Halloween neighborhood.


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