October 25, 2021

Day 25 - the new sign

I don't really consider this a new prop, but more of an update.
Figure one - the original sign. 
Obviously made out of an old twin sized headboard. 
I like it. 
But I drive past this business in town a lot.
It doesn't give me a real good feeling about the facility itself, but I like the sign. 

So after a quick trip to Michael's for some wood block letters and E-6000...
And since the Spouse put his opinion in about also liking the original sign, I decided to put the wonky letters on the back.  That way I can randomly change the sign if I want just by turning it around!

I'm probably going to put another JOL on the left side of the sign, just to fill in that gap between the sign and fence. 
FYI, the social media signs are made out of 6x6 paver bricks with acrylic paint. 

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