October 12, 2021

Day 12 - Cemetery Tuesday! Bentley Cemetery

My sister and I are both members of a search and rescue team - and one day we attended some training at one of our usual places in Lapeer County.  We got done earlier than expected, and I wondered out loud if there were any cemeteries nearby to explore!  She likes to explore cemeteries too, so I pulled over and checked the map on FindAGrave.  

Apparently we had driven right by one!  In fact have driven past it many times.  Google maps took us to what looked like someone's driveway
We turned in and felt like we were trespassing.  
But less than 1/4 mile down this overgrown 2 track road, we found....

It was quite the pleasant surprise!  It was large-ish in area, but FindAGrave only has 35 interments listed (thanks to the 12 I just added).  Very well kept.  
William H. Bassett Jr.
A Private in Co H 10th Michigan Infantry
died Jan 19, 1863
Aged 30 years 19 days
Can't make out what this one says.
I'll have to stop back in there and try to get a better pic, since there's no listing in F-A-G with a stone like this.  It looks like it could be mostly legible, too.  
This was the only obviously marked plot (the other just had a stone border) and was quite far away from the rest of the marked graves. 
Alex P. Shepherd
Private, Co C 10 Michigan Calvary
May 26, 1833 - May 31, 1906
Catherine, wife of Alex Shepherd
Died Jan 12, 1875
Aged 40 years, 4 months, 20 days
The fence was interesting.
The padlock is very unusual (to me anyway)
There were quite a few large limbs down and they must have been fairly recent since the grass wasn't too crazy under them. (I took these pics July 1)
I found the next 2 extremely interesting, since they're not headstones.  
They're 50th anniversary memorial stones!
Sylvia nee Graves Hazzard
Born Sept 29, 1818
Married Feb 10, 1842
Fifty years how few they are
Who waits together thus so far
How many changes we did spy
Through the fifty years now gone by.
Feb 10, 1892
James W. Hazzard
Born Oct 5, 1820
Married Feb 10, 1842
Fifty years of married life
Fifty years of toil and strife
Fifty years of love and this
was fifty years of wedded bliss. 
Feb 10, 1892
This is their headstone.  
James W. Hazzard
passed on
Jan 18, 1900
aged 79 years
Silvia (spelled differently) Hazzard
passed on
Nov 3, 1902
aged 84 years
The top is missing, but this is Mary Jane, wife of 
William LaFountain
Oct 17, 1879
Aged 44 years, 6 months, 21 days
William H. Skinner
who departed this life
Dec 31, 1863
aged 30 years, 6 months, 2 days
Jane, wife of James M. Dowall
died Oct 5, 1868
aged 42 years, 6 months, 18 days
William S. Graves
died Jan 26, 1874
aged 51 years, 10 months
William M. Graves
Oct 2, 1853 - Oct 27, 1920
died of "Septic Naphritis, following supra-pubic Prostatectomy"
or inflamed kidneys after having his prostate removed
secondary issue was chronic myocarditis or heart disease.

I love when people post the death certificates, too! 
This is the crowded corner. 
There were several sunken areas that looked like they could be unmarked graves. 
This tree was so cool!  It didn't look like it was struck my lightning (no burns) but all 3 large trunks fell at probably the same time.  That would have been a sight to see!
This was one of the older fence posts. 
wife of C. Strobridge
born Apr 26, 1842
died Oct 19, 1878
son of C & A Strobridge
aged 25 years
aged 44 years
aged 18 years
aged 26 years
children of C & A Strobridge
Lavina, wife of William H. Bassett
died June 19, 1861
aged 57 years
Henry A.
son of ???  Elliott
died Aug 6, 1860
It looks like you should be able to read it, but I got nothing. 
William E. Bentley (I think)
died Feb 12, 1859
aged 7
I'll have to go see this one again, too. 
Miss Sylvia's stone is hard to read!
She's listed as Sophie, but it sure looks like Saphina B. 
wife of Alonzo Skinner
died Mar 3, 1871
aged 33 years, 10 months
This looks like Layfaette but that's all I can make out.
John A. Hart
born 1850
and passed into the spirit life
Feb 26, 1882
Aged 32 years
Harriet M. nee Hazzard Hart Isham (maybe?)
born Sept 14, 1857
and passed into the spirit life
Dec 2, 1886
aged 28 years
son of R & PA Reamer
died Nov 13, 1856
aged 4
When we left, we noticed this sign out by the road.  There was a small clearing behind it, so if we had just gone by that, we probably would have stopped here first.  
In someone's yard. 


  1. Awesome, love the photos, thanks for sharing them. I walk in a small cemetery near me every day with my dog. Sometimes I just marvel that some of the headstones have been in place for SO LONG. Like in the same spot as the world has changed and changed again. Humbling.

  2. I find these so, so fascinating. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and thoughts!


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