October 26, 2014

C2H - 5 days Apothecary

 Since I didn't get to to post yesterday - I'll post one today.  Friday I was barely home at all so I didn't get anything done.  Miss Angela had her final round of senior pictures, then we had to immediately get her to the dance studio for a rescheduled solo class.  Then home long enough for her to get changed into warm clothes and I dropped her off at her school's last home football game and I went to meet my sisters for dinner.  Sister Laurie has her house up for sale and needed help moving furniture so the carpet cleaner guys can come in and do their thing.  So I left there around midnight and had a good 40 minute drive home.

Saturday we were supposed to go back to Laurie's bright & early but we got most of it done the night before so we stayed home and did some stuff around the house.  Saturday night, Randy & I went on a Halloween Pub Crawl bus trip with a bunch of people.  We met at one bar then piled onto this really fancy limo/bus and we were supposed to end up at 3 other bars over the night, but only made it to 2.  I was a witch and Randy the lazy college student (he thought about going as Jake from State Farm but he didn't have a bright enough red polo shirt).  We stopped and picked up 2 more witches on our way.  There was a pair of cave people, a nerd & flapper, a Gangster and a striking Nudist (he was fully dressed but wearing a cardboard sign saying Nudist on Strike), then a pirate and some white trash (he was wearing a garbage bag!)
I totally forgot we could take our own beverages for the bus, but there were enough people willing to share.  So along with more beer than I have consumed since last year's Witch Crawl - there was also some moonshine and something another Lisa called "Recipe".  I have no idea what was in it, but it was goooood!  I heard something about pineapple juice and 151..... so it was the kind of stuff that goes down easy, then kicks you in the butt!
It was a lot of fun!  My sisters missed out.  One had to work and the other didn't like the idea of guys being welcome.  Pppft.  The Witch Crawl in the past has always been just women.  I personally enjoyed hanging out with my spouse!  Plus watching the pirate and caveman try to pole dance on the bus was hilarious! 

Anyhoooo!  I got most of the apothecary finished Saturday during the day.  There's a few minor details that still need to be finished, but this works for now.  I actually boxed up some bottles that I like, but didn't use and another of bottles to get rid of. I'm pretty happy with how it looks.  I'll list what I have on each shelf and what it is.  If anyone gets some ideas, great!  

From L to R - 
Dried Larvae - rice
no label yet - long green fake leaves
Dandelion bottle - empty.  I found it at a thrift store
no label - empty white pitcher with acid green paint
no label - bulb shaped bottle with blue hand sanitizer
Hair of Hag - creepy cloth threads 
no label - canister of horsehair

I have an idea for the horsehair, I just need to hash out the wording.  I want something to do with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, since I have black, white, red & gray horsehair in it.  Something like "to summon the end of times - use with extreme caution".  
L to R
Graveyard Dirt - potting soil
No label - some weird red fuzzy fake flower stems from the dollar store
Dragon Snot - green chili taco sauce from the dollar store (didn't even open it, just took the label off!)
no label - tiny moonshine jug
Unrepentant Souls - painted the bottle black and has a bat stopper
Pixie Bones - tiny plastic & ceramic skulls & bones
no label - funky leather wine bottle
no label - iridescent blue beads
L to R
Dragonfly eggs - cheap black bead necklaces
no label - triangle bottle painted black 
no label - green bottle
no label - white urn (the lid won't come off, but there's something rattling around inside!)
bottles on the far right - both empty
in front - glass rolling pin with floral moss stuffed inside
The shelf sits on the crate to raise it up higher.  I just put these in there for interest and to keep cats out. 

Shelf on the counter - L to R
Top - Love Potion #9 - pretty blue perfume bottle
no label - real porcupine quills, plucked straight from the fresh roadkill!
Dragon Dandruff - shells from a necklace
Bad Ideas - upside down light bulb shaped bottle.  Soon to be painted or stuffed with tulle for fog.
no label - fake mossy rocks, wrapped in fake leaves
no label - peacock colored beads
Bleached Witch Moles - Corriander
Pixie Dust - silver glitter
Alien Pod - a weird thing from some potpourri
Decomposed Mummy Dust - baby powder
Happy Juice - white glue that hasn't dried yet (the stopper has a smiley face on it and the bottle it's body)
no label - blue bottle with moon stopper
no label - BBQ rub seasoning from the dollar store
silver goblet
Eyeballs from a Blind Werewolf - white & clear marbles
Trail of Slug - more blue hand sanitizer
Glass casket with a poison apple

One of these days I'd like to have a nice hutch or some large piece of furniture with some shelves so I can really make a neat display!

Time is growing short - time to start checking the weather reports!

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