October 20, 2014

C2H - 11 days Quick Update #3

While I still don't have much done inside the Maple Grove Manor, the outside is coming along nicely.  I have 3 stones that still need to be put in the cemetery (somewhere!).  2 just need some detail yet, drybrushing some greens & browns & maybe some moss. I'll finish them this afternoon and get them in the yard.
 I'm very happy with the scrolls & skull from the Davis Graveyard etsy shop.  
 (they're still drying here, hence the lighter blotches)
 The third looks like a total hot mess. 
I carved out the general skeleton shape in the foam and then used Gorilla Glue to fill in the spaces.  I almost died laughing at the globs the grew everywhere!   The hubby looked at it and suggested leaving the globs on and painting them to look like moss.  Which I thought sounded good.  As I started painting, it came to me that they kind of looked like barnacles, so once I get it painted, I'm going to have the epitaph say "Lost at Sea".   I have my fingers crossed that it turns out like what I see in my head.

All of the skeletons are finally out in the cemetery.  The neighbors have got to think I'm nuts since I will talk to the skeletons and ghosts while I'm out there. 

 I thought this skeleton's pose looked familiar!

 I went out & got some night shots with my phone last night.  I'm pretty sure I need some smaller, accent spot lights to get the look I want.  The red one is too much, but makes for a lovely purple.....

I moved these guys around a bit since I put the red spot out there. 

When I was out putting the skeletons out (and may have gotten caught in conversation with them) the neighbor came over from across the street carrying a huge box.  He told me that they'd noticed I put a few decorations out (NO!!!! Really??) and since their son graduated and moved out, they don't decorate anymore.  He had this ghoul sitting in his garage and asked if I wanted it?  He wasn't even sure if it worked.  So I took it.  It's sort of hard to say no, even when it's something you know darn well you'll never use!

 Oh hey - they're next to each other!  I can never get pics to do this when I want them to! Anyway.
She doesn't rise up, but I also didn't look to see why.  She lights up & screams and a fan inflates her arms and they flop around.  Quite comical but she totally does not fit in my cemetery.  (holy crap - $179.99 at Spirit new!!)  anywhooo.  there happens to be a house on my way home from the dance studio that happens to decorate and this looks to be right along their tastes.  I may re-gift it!  
I love to go by their house, since they've added a bunch more this year.  Last year was some orange lights around their fence and a life-sized figure of the girl in a pink ball gown lit from the inside and a JOL head.  This year they have another life-size ghoul and they boarded up their windows and also have 2 skeletons trying to climb their porch rail (hilarious!!) 

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  1. I like the lighting. And what's wrong with talking to skeletons? :)


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