Tuesday, October 7, 2014

C2H - 24 days - Christian Memorial Gardens

Welcome to the first edition of Cemetery Tuesday!  

Normally, memorial gardens aren't my favorite type of cemetery, due to majority of the stones being flush with the ground.  But this particular one is where my Dad is buried (filed? He's in one of those buildings) and it has some pretty cool statuary, so I'll make an exception.  

 Lots of random horses....
 You can't see this one from the road.  I almost missed it until I walked by. 

 A neat take on the Nativity.
 Heehee, I should have checked my angle when I took this!  
I didn't notice the hand placement til I got home.
The fountain was on when I pulled in the driveway, but when I made my way here, it was off.
 A brief step into Wyoming.....
 The detail is quite awesome, tho. 
 Hi, Dad!
Can't believe it's been 5 years on the 27th. 


 Windchimes in the trees.
 The 4 saints were arranged around a circular path, facing out.  
They're on mausoleums but only one is occupied. 

 The Veteran's section is tucked in the back corner. 
I had some company after I visited with Dad.  
I must have taken 50 pictures of this mama deer, her yearling and fawn.  
They were nomming on flowers.  
 Love this one!!

 And some extremely large ravens.


  1. Beautiful cemetery! I particularly like the wind chimes in the trees :) It's hilarious that the deer were munching on the flowers!!! "Oh look! Someone left us a treat!" lol

    1. My uncle is buried near Dad and my aunt has some chimes in the tree by him, too. Her's aren't dainty and nice like the ones I took the pic of, tho.


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