October 10, 2014

C2H - 21 days Secret Reapers 2014

Let's ignore the fact I didn't post yesterday, shall we?  
But that's OK - life happens!  And I have a good post today!

Over at the HalloweenForum (I'm lisa48317 there) there is a several-times annual event called the Secret Reaper.  I usually sign up for 2 different Reapers - one in August & one in September.  It's fun to do.  We sign up and submit a list of our likes & dislikes.  The wonderful coordinator and fellow Michigander "Bethene" then PMs us with someone's name, address and likes/dislikes.  Then we have a deadline to ship a package to them.  It's fun since you don't know who has your name, and even once you get your gift....they may have chosen NOT to tell you who they are!  That's happened to me once - it made me crazy since I like to PM the person to thank them personally.   

The first one sent a poem that freaked Miss Angela out - how did they know I had a teenager who was going to college soon?  Duh - my signature line has my blog / FB page / Pinterest page - it's not hard to figure out!   This is from HF member ajbanz.   Extremely generous! 
 This dragon is now named Daisy and is out on my back porch with Doug the Dragon and Gary the Gargoyle. 
 Sadly the bank didn't survive the trip and wasn't fixable.  The feets were practically dust.  Which is a bummer, since it is awesome!!
 The next shipment was 2 more packages - a box full of bottles for the apothecary.  She wasn't taking chances this time - there was a LOT of bubble wrap!
 and a whole bunch of cool other stuff. 
 He glows in the dark!  He's sort of little, so he hasn't gone outside to play with the others on the porch. 
 front - these crack me up!!

I just got SR 2 goodies yesterday.  Another 2 packages,  from member DvlsToys!  
I almost feel like I slighted my victims since I only sent 1 box to each! 

I honestly had no idea I needed spiders in the cemetery until I opened the box with these.  They're going to look great on the fence next to the house! 

When I said I had a village, I wasn't expecting to get a mansion for it!  The Coke can is for size reference. 

I really like this guy!  I've never seen him ceramic before - just a blowmold version.  

And some other goodies.  I like the wood stoppers on the bottles. There's also a glass globe with a couple rubber spiders in it - I somehow missed grabbing it for this pic. 

Sadly, this guy had a casualty during shipping.  There's a place for a candle in him.  He'll look neat lit up!
I have him glued and with a little touch up paint, he should be good to go! 

This is so much fun every year!


  1. what fun - looks like you got some awesome stuff!

  2. Ooh, this looks fun! I do the Secret Pumpkin (.com) every year, which is pretty much the same thing from Halloween-L, except a lot of the gifts are handmade. Not sure I could commit to more than one exchange a year, though this is tempting!

    PS: I'm frykitty at Halloween Forum, but I've been very lax with my membership.


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