October 13, 2014

C2H - 18 days Quick Update #2

OMG, how does it seem like I have fewer hours in a day than I used to??  

I managed to bring in all the indoor decor that I wanted from the garage - and that's as far as it got.  The Boney Bunch stuff made it into their corner, and the all season tree has ornaments actually ON it....  But the village is set willy-nilly on the coffee table (did I really just use that phrase??)   The mini cemetery is on the counter, but that's about it.  The apothecary is non-existent.  
My house basically looks like a F3 tornado struck. 


On the plus side...I got my goodies from the Davis Graveyard etsy shop!  And all I have to say is WOW.  I was so confused at first - I ordered 1 skull and 2 scrolls.  I opened the box and pulled out 2 skulls and 3 scrolls!  Then I read the note included.  They didn't like how the skull came out of the mold, so they sent me an extra.  And then sent an extra scroll for the inconvenience of having a less-than-perfect skull !!!

The one on the right has a broken eye socket and the forehead is blotchy.  Looks like character to me! 
 The top scroll is my freebee.  
They also added a 5x7 photo of their graveyard and a goodie bag of Halloween treats! 
I love these people!
I'm sure you'll see them on the finished product in next week's update post.  They are already attached to the new stones, but the paint still needs to happen. 

Oh, and remember last week's story about the hassle of ordering from Spirit's website?  After emailing then to see what was up, my flippin' skeleton came in Tuesday!  It is pretty cool, tho. 
  I also got my 2' skeleton from the Skeleton-Factory that day, too.  Ordered Friday - received Tuesday.  Good review - check!

So that makes me have 6 - 5' skeletons, a 4' skelly, 3 - 3' skellies and a 2' skelly.  

Where the hell are they all gonna go in the cemetery??? 

Oh, I will be posting later about the difference between a CVS and Walgreens pose & stay.  I just realized, looking in the next photo that the pose & stays are all a lighter bone color, where the non-pose ones are more grayish.  It could also be age, too.  I got the 2 from Walgreens (the right hand chair) on Nov 1 last year and I ordered the one from CVS a few weeks ago.  
Last  Wednesday's eclipse as seen from my back yard.
 Now I honestly can't say which is the grossest of the next 2 photos - the squishy skeleton has maggots floating around in its brain - found (and left at) WalMart.  Ew.  
This is Miss Angela's knees 2 days after falling at dance. 
 I picked this kid up about an hour after this happened and had no idea anything was wrong til one of the other girls told her to show me "the eggs on her knees" - as in goose eggs!  Non-dance people will think WTF at this.  Since classes have only been going on 6 weeks or so, they're still working out moves & things they want to put into their dances.  In hiphop, the teacher had the other 6 girls bent over at the waist while Angel walked across their backs - however one sweaty girl was just in a sports bra and Angel was barefoot.  Even tho Gabby had her by the hand, she slipped and landed on both knees from that height.  Poor Gabby still looked horrified when she told her version of the story.  Needless to say, they were swollen & very colorful for a while.  And so you know - I took her in this past Friday to get them checked out.  She was walking & dancing without pain, but the one was still a bit swollen and tender.  The doc says they feel structurally OK, but still sent her for x-rays.  We haven't heard back yet as of me writing this Sunday night, so I have to assume they're OK.  She was told to not do anything that would hurt them - whew!
edit - finally heard back.  They're fine.  No damage.  Whew!

This is really the only time I actually looked at them until I took her to the doctor.  
I actually started feeling hot & queasy during her exam since I could just imagine the pain! 


  1. Looks like you can have a skeleton tea party! They all look so happy together.

  2. Heh, I'm at about the same stage on the indoor stuff. Also, isn't the DG stuff awesome? I'm working on making something with one of her skulls now.

  3. I like the Davis's. That's the kind of thing they have a reputation for in the haunt community. Lots of cool new stuff!


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