October 03, 2014

C2H - 28 days Gravedigger

My family embraces our redneck side every year when we go watch Monster Jam at Ford Field (formerly in the Silverdome).  One of the biggest names in Monster trucks is Gravedigger. 

Dennis Anderson debuted Gravedigger for the first time in 1982.  
I shall use photos of my personal Hot Wheels collection to tell the story. 

In 1984, it was changed into the panel truck shown here. 
This body style reappears years later as "Gravedigger - The Legend" and is driven by Dennis's son Adam. 

In 1985, it changed into the iconic black & green with the familiar ghost & graveyard.   The green chassis was seen for the first time in 1992.

1988, Digger's Dungeon in Kill Devil Hills, NC is built.  

1996, a broken back and ribs keep Dennis out of the driver's seat for a while. 

2000, Dennis & Gravedigger win the inaugural Monster Jam World Finals freestyle.

2007, a chrome version of Gravedigger appeared to celebrate it's 25th anniversary.  I somehow doubt it was green, but you get the point. 

2012 was Gravedigger's 30th anniversary.

Dennis is not alone in his monster truck endeavors....his son Adam is also a world champion driver - winning his first MJWF freestyle championship at the tender age of 22. 

I was tweaked to get an offer for a limited edition Halloween Hot Wheels Gravedigger - Awesome!!

 And of course.....you need a way to get all these trucks around!    This semi holds 3 Hot Wheels trucks in the trailer.  It's on a shelf with a Coca Cola semi & a Detroit Red Wings semi.  I like trucks!

NOw what's a post about monster tucks without seeing some in action??

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