October 16, 2014

C2H - 15 days CVS vs. Walgreens

Yay!  Another skeleton comparison!

Back in 2012, I compared a regular Walgreens skeleton and one from Garden Ridge.  Then in 2013, I tossed one from Menards into the mix.

This year is a step up the skeletal ladder - pose & stays!  I got 2 from Walgreens on Nov 1 last year for $25 each and ordered one from CVS a few weeks ago, using a 30% coupon- and because I left it sitting in my "cart" for a couple days, they emailed me another $5 off, so I got it for around $31.50.  Both were regularly $50.

Walgreens is on the left, CVS on the right. 

CVS keeps his mouth shut better. 
 Walgreens has an interesting bulb inside the shoulder, 
where the CVS has an open tube. 
 CVS definitely has more hand detail. 
 I like how the CVS legs are attached, with the bulb.  I did not mess with these and both stood just fine. I didn't try any other poses, tho. 
 Knees are very similar. 
Interesting that the Walgreens one needed  a 7/16 socket 
and the CVS needed a 13/32.
 CVS feet are more detailed, also. 
 Walgreens has more detail where the scapula & ribs layer. 
 Checking out the butts.....
They are very similar in height and build. 
They stood with their arms up for a long time and no slipping.  
They can't do much else besides the "Y", tho. 

So, in my opinion, they are pretty much the same.  They also both tended to turn their heads and appear to be staring off in the same direction - sorta creepy!!  The CVS one felt slightly more solid and was a wee bit heavier, but I like them both and can't wait to put them out in the cemetery!  Which if it isn't tomorrow, it'll be this weekend.  


  1. I have to find a good buy on a skele this year so thanks for your comparision. It's helpful.

  2. Great Skellies! I really like the comparison. Both look really well built :)


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