October 21, 2014

C2H - 10 days Perkins Cemetery

Last summer, Miss Angela and her dance team went to Nationals!   And it just so happened that the competition was held in Sandusky, OH at the Kalahari Resort.  However we chose to stay at a hotel about a mile down the road.  Way less crazy.  But anyway....across the street from our hotel was this little cemetery.  I spent an enjoyable hour or so exploring one morning before Angel had to go dance. 

 This is a close-up of the center of those 5 stones.....why is it upside down?  

 I did a bit of research - the parents left these 3 babies alone while they went to a New Year's dance, each believing the other was with them until the babysitter showed up.  The parents found out hours later that there was a fire in their house - the younger 2 perished immediately and Helen later at the hospital.  Tragedy. 

 I couldn't find anything about these girls.  

 This is the Veteran's Memorial.  Very Pretty!
There was a statue for 4 of the 5 branches of the military - 
guess the Coasties don't count! 

 This kind of scared me....

 I thought this one was confusing!

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