October 27, 2014

C2H - 4 days Quick Update #4

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the apothecary is approximately 99% complete.  The cemetery is also about 99% done.  I'll wait until the day of Halloween to put the dance costumes on the skeletons & to pose them.  We carved our jack-o-lanterns last night.  We all have our our criteria for choosing pumpkins.  I like the unusual - like this warty one.   This had to have the hardest rind of any pumpkin I've ever tried to carve! 

I didn't get a pic of Randy's, but his is a perfect shape, with just a bit of green on about half of it. 

 And Angel goes out of her way to grab the biggest one she can pick up.  That's always been the deal with her - if she can carry it to the car, she can get it.  This monster was only $12! 
 She had to stand on the chair to cut the lid off. 
Mine & Randy are pretty usual faces, but I used plastic teeth in mine.  Angel saw online someone used a drill to make patterns, so that's what she wanted to do.  It's hard to see here, but her flowers look really neat lit from the inside. 

I added some more lights.  I'm still not entirely happy, but it'll do for this year.  Next year - accent lights!!  

The foam stones are finally out in the yard!  I really like how they turned out. 

And my Barnacle Bill the Sailor looks awesome (in my opinion!)  
I'm extremely pleased with it!

And here's another update....last Monday I mentioned a neighbor giving me this creepy-ass ghost girl.  I put a picture on the Halloween Forum mainly because to tell about a neat gift from a neighbor, but at the bottom of my post, I said if there was anyone in SE Michigan who wanted her, to let me know, I'd meet them halfway! 

And I also had the thought to anonymously leave her at a house that we pass all the time.  But then I wasn't sure since they had a life-sized homemade ghoul all in white. But then I got a message on HF from this guy who asked if he paid shipping, would I send her to him?  Sure!  I'd rather she go to someone who actually wants her, ya know. So I told him which UPS Store I'd go to and he arranged for them to call him when I got there and paid for the shipping over the phone and she was off to her new home in Central Indiana!  He messaged me again when he got her, he was so excited!  It really made me happy to make someone else so happy! 

So now I just need to get some more candy for the big night and I really need to get my house picked up.  We're supposed to meet the family tomorrow night to go to the famous Tillson Street in Romeo, but it's calling for rain.  Here's my post from last year's visit. I may go out there tonight before it gets dark and take some pics.  I'll take the dog and just explore. 

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  1. Great pumpkins! I love traditional JOL faces!!! Your gravestones look wonderful too! =)


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