Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Creepmas.

Please forgive the distinct lack of enthusiasm there.  For some reason I have not really gotten into the holiday mood yet this year.  I did come home from my sister's house on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and put our chenille flying pig & Christmas blowmolds out in the front yard...but that's it. Nothing else had made it out of the garage.

A major factor of my humbug-ness is this.....

But look!  There's my Gingerbread Goalie ornament - that's festive, right??  Goes so nicely with the multi-colored skin and hugely swollen calf / ankle.

For the past 3 years, my daughter's dance studio has offered the kids a chance to dance at the Detroit Lion's half-time show during the game on Thanksgiving.  This year they were looking for adults to go to be in the Mosh Pit, so I signed up.  I figured it would a lot of fun.

Monday the kids learned the choreography (that got changed 350 times), Tuesday they brought in the flag-bearers & drumline & we learned our thing.  Wednesday was dress rehearsal with Nickelback & FoxSports & everything.  The second time we ran thru the entire production (they had to set up the stage, do the performance & tear down the stage within a certain amount of time), we ran out to the stage at our cue & I felt something pop in the back of my calf.  I was literally useless the rest of the night - I could barely walk, let alone run out onto the field!  Thursday when I woke up I could barely stand.  So sadly, I had to pass on being in the mosh pit.  I was bummed, since it was so much fun!!!  Plus we had a good view of Chad's (the singer) booty.  And I would have been right in front of the one guitarist, too!

I finally went into the doctor on Monday & they sent me to get an ultrasound on my calf.  I ruptured my plantaris tendon, which is apparently a common injury among tennis players (due to starting & stopping abruptly).  And there's not a darn thing they can do for it.  I have to suck it up & deal. 

LOL, it freaked Angel out!  Saturday night I went to get in the shower & discovered that the bruising and swelling appeared sometime during the day.  So I showed her.  And since Randy was still in Arkansas, the little bugger tattled on me to my sister!  So I was ordered to get in bed with my leg elevated & a bag of frozen veggies on it.  Yay.  I don't think I've ever mentioned how bored I get watching TV.  It really has to hold my attention for me to sit for any length of time.  I survived the Red Wings game and Saturday Night Live, but was dying between them!

So anyway.  I've come home from work every day this week and had to choose between getting Christmas stuff out (which is normally out the first weekend after Thanksgiving) or resting with my leg up.  And since I hurt my right leg, which is causing me to limp on my trick left knee....I don't really have much choice.  Especially when my left knee buckled under me last night - glad I was standing next to the bed!

I would have been running in from the left hand 40-yard line.
Angel is way over on the right - like the 15 yard line.

However......over Thanksgiving weekend - my sister & I updated these glass block snowmen we got at a craft show a couple years ago.  The faces & buttons were painted on, so we scraped the paint off & glued on the glass marbles & metallic gold pipe cleaner nose.

Check out the snowballs.....


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