Sunday, December 11, 2011

The 11th day of Creepmas...

 We bring you decorations!

 Black & silver - of course!
Always Christmas in Canterbury Village, Lake Orion MI

 A whole array of Hallowday trinkets.

 A Death ball!

 Eyeball Globe - also projects the coolest color-changing circle on the ceiling!

Sometimes your tree just needs to look back at you!

I didn't get to post on the 10th was pretty crazy!  The girl had her first competition with the school JV dance team (the first team in over 5 years!) and it was over an hour away.  So I was pretty wiped out when we finally got home last night.  Good news...her team got 3rd in the JV pom division and also 3rd in varsity/JV dance !!!  Very proud of her / them!!!

I posted the results on Facebook and later got a text from the Ex (aka "The Donor" or Angel's dad) that he was going to call later that evening if we were home.  His Mom went in to the hospital in late September for a "major surgery".  I was concerned, but didnt' get all the details about what was up.  Apparently she went in for gastric bypass and then recently had to have a second surgery because something inside twisted and now she's back in for pneumonia. So she's concerned about her immortality.  She wanted John to call to let me know that she has written in her will that Angel is going to inherit some of her prized porcelain doll collection.  And she's already got the ones for Angel marked.  The last time I was at her house, Angel was 18 months old.  I remember this woman's doll collection.  It took up an entire room.  I had nightmares. 

So when I got off the phone... I told Angel what she had to look forward to.  Her eyes got REALLY big & a look of utter horror froze her face.  Then she said she was sure we could find a nice box and maybe some bubble wrap for them.  And there was plenty of room on the shelf in the closet for the box, so they could still be considered to be IN her room!  LOL!  I love that kid!

Anyway...I wonder if Grandma Darla would let her have those dolls if she ever saw what I did to these??

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