Sunday, December 4, 2011

The 4th day of Creepmas...

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for.....

 For those poor souls who live in warm areas.

NinjaBread Men Cookie Cutters
For those who are just that awesome.

 Why have just one leg lamp when you can have a string of them??

 A nice zombie playset for when Barbie & Ken are just too tame. 

 I personally have one of these & LOVE it!!

And what good is the scarf without the matching blanket??

 Gnome-Be Gone!
For the gardener in your life - who does NOT like garden gnomes!

For those who aren't lawn flamingo fans, either.

Lump of Coal gum
I may know one or two people who need this!

For when you just can't put your feelings to words....
Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit.



 A lovely bacon ornament for your tree
And nothing says "professional" than a bacon tie!

All of these items are from PerpetualKid.  I love that site & regularly order gifts from it.   
I always manage to find good stuff for everyone!

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