December 23, 2011

Christmas in Rochester.

Tonight we made our annual trip to Rochester to see the lights on Main Street.  It was cold, but not windy or otherwise crappy and there weren't too many crazy people out, either.  So a good evening! 

As usual there were some pretty interesting windows !!!

 The infamous upside down heart Santa cake.

 This place can usually be counted on to have some entertaining windows.  
This year - elves with cameras!

 Who is photobombing who?


 The Headless Hordes

 Creepy, tree-headed mannequins.

 Flying Vino!

There was also a tragedy today, too.  My sister Laurie called this afternoon...the Big Bad Wolf, aka Morgan (her Husky/Lab) not only blew down Angel's gingerbread house, she also ate it - and the people! 



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