Saturday, November 19, 2011

Craft show & antique store finds....

I went shopping with Mom & the sisters today.  Every year we go to 2 certain holiday craft shows without fail.  The first was last weekend and the second was today.  Besides finding a Christmas gift for the Mother-In-Law, I found these really cool sun-catchers.

Of course they'd look better actually in the sunshine, but it's night-time.  So the flash will have to do! 
I couldn't decide which one I liked better, so I got them both!  The ladies at the booth really liked that way of thinking!

I also found this really nice plush hand towel. 

 I stopped at an antique store after work on Friday and picked up this small Waterford Crystal (so they say) decanter.  I was surprised to see it since I looked at it when I was there a few months ago.  I snagged it when I saw it as marked down to.....ready for this??   $1  !!!!!

 I thought this spritzer thingy was neat, too. 

I'm a sucker for neat old bottles. 
Glad I still don't have the apothecary put away yet!

Speaking of which.  I have the next 2 bottles on layaway there.  These were a bit more expensive than I usually like, but when I priced similar ones on ebay - I think I'm getting a decent deal.  I got the pics off Google, since I don't have them in my paws yet!  They're so cool!!!

This is called a Codd Bottle.  The neck is pinched and there is a marble inside it.  According to this article it used the effervescence from the soda or mineral water to keep the marble pressed against the inside of the bottle, sealing it.  It was a big thing in England in the late 1800's- not so much in the US.

This one used the idea that the beverage would stay in contact with the cork, keeping the cork from shrinking.  And one would also be forced to finish the entire drink, since it can't sit on end!

I can't resist.  Every year at this particular craft show, there is an old man who makes these fantastic ornaments from exotic woods.  He turns them on a lathe himself & then polishes them with beeswax.  No two are ever the same and each one is more beautiful than the next.  This is the third year I've bought from him.  I told him that when I was looking at his display and he said I looked familiar!!  I make sure to buy from this man, since he strongly resembles a guy who's pretty popular this time of year, with his full white beard.  Except this guy wears plaid shirts & suspenders.  But I'm not taking any chances!!

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