December 05, 2011

The 5th day of Creepmas...

Looking at Lights!

This is somewhat of a tradition with us.  The neighboring city to us is Rochester, MI.  Every year they totally cover all the business in their downtown area in LED lights, rooftops to sidewalk.  Quite stunning, actually.  There's no way to truly appreciate it as you drive thru, so we have dinner at this amazing little diner and then walk up one side of the street & down the other.  Never fails - no matter when we go...we run into someone we know! 

We haven't gone yet this year - so these pics are from last year. 

You also get the opportunity to look in the shop windows.  Sometimes what you see is a bit disturbing!!!

 9 random ladies' legs dancing?? 

 Whatever could this cute little elf be pointing at??

 AAAARGH ! ! ! ! ! 

 I think Santa got stuck.  He seems a bit flat, too.

I wonder if this dress is geared toward someone who may be a tree-hugger?
 I can't imagine that it is very comfortable!

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