Friday, December 2, 2011

The 2nd day of Creepmas...

I'm slowly getting more into the holiday spirit.  I got our tree set up tonight, but I'm not allowed to decorate until tomorrow when I have help.  I was told I shouldn't do something so strenuous as wrapping a tree in garland & lights with my leg how it is, ya know.

Thankfully my winter boots have heels on them, so it made it much easier to walk across the municipal grounds tonight to watch the official tree lighting & the township supervisor give Santa the key to the township.   The highlight of the evening.....The Utica JV dance team with their black sparkly Santa hats!! 

I think this particular item may be stolen........

I suddenly like the coach this *I   I* much more since she made them herself. 
 Gee - a camera appeared & look who is posing!!

I don't think they ran over too many little kids getting to Rudolph & Frosty!

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