December 19, 2011

Cookie weekend

 Sunday was a fun day - we made so many cookies that we got tired of decorating them!  One of the words I heard to describe the cookies is "demented". 

 not cookies - but my Tim Horton's ornament collection!

Angel modelling her apron.

 Niece Lisa & her apron.

 Angel's flowery train.

 Laurie & Angel hard at work!

 Charly the stupervisor. 

 I see a couple headless guys on there!

 Reindeer Morgan.

 Angel's "A" and her Clayton Cookie (for the boy she swears she doesn't like!)

 Captain & Princess wondering how to get their share of cookies.

 Mom doing her Kilroy impersonation over Laurie's antlers. 

 Kiss-y Face!

 Lisa's gingerbread house.
We cheated & bought gingerbread house kits that came with the house panels & roof already cut out in the correct shape - and the necessary candy & icing. 

 Green sprinkles...or not??

 Angel's gingerbread house - with her "Ben" cookie.

 Lisa's crime scene. 

 The Clayton cookie got changed to an Angela cookie since it looked rather ~funny~ with Ben & the rainbow house!
 I don't see the problem here.  
He looks pretty happy to me!

 Cookies on a cookie!

 I believe this says "oo my eye".

 Random kitchen tap dancing.

Halloween's last hurrah!

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