December 21, 2011

Happy Solstice!!!

Happy First Day of Winter, Happy Shortest Day - whatever you want to call it!

I am pretty happy - it's been a good day.  My boss took her department out to lunch - so there was a total of 4 of us, since the sales guy went along, too!  We went to a sports bar down the block from work - of course bars always have the best burgers!  A "weather phenomena" calendar I ordered for Randy finally arrived - after going to 4 different post offices in SE Michigan before finally finding the correct one.  The one thing I'm especially tweaked about is this arrived today....

   Light Show Tree 

I saw something similar, but smaller & not LED, when we were in Arkansas last Christmas and wanted one.  But I'd never seen it before & couldn't find it online or anything.  I googled every phrase I could think of & nothing.  I posted a picture on ChristmasFanClub (the HalloweenForum's sister site) and someone mentioned they thought they saw it on Home Depot's website!!  It took some digging there, but I found it!  I emailed the link to Randy & he noticed it was on sale & had free shipping, so he told me to order it.  WOOOHOOOO! Didn't have to tell me twice!    Love it!

This guy finally made it out in the yard, too!  He's only driven around with me since Saturday.

I'll go out tomorrow & get some pics of the yard.  It's not the most decorated house in the neighborhood for Christmas like it is for Halloween!!

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