Monday, December 26, 2011

The Nutcracker Army

Not anywhere near as creepy as dolls!

I really wanted to get some more toy solider blowmolds at Garden Ridge today.  But I should have gone last week when they first put them on sale for 50% off.  Nothing left.  A couple lamp posts, one Snoopy, one North Pole Sign with Elf and surprisingly - a large number of blowmold Angels. Shucks. 

So anyway. Thanks to this 50% off sale - the ranks of my nutcracker army have increased significantly.

 This guy is huge.  
He's standing by the back door to show his size. 
He actually came from CVS.

 These are all new today.  The big guys in back are 24 inches.  
The gingerbread man is 14 inches & the smaller soldiers are 12.

 Also new today.  Short & fat!

 The policeman & pirate are new from earlier this month.  
The other guys I got a couple years ago for like $2 each after Christmas.

The sailor I've had forever.  
The guy with the furry hat was from someplace last year on clearance & 
the wood guy I fell in love with from JoAnn Fabrics a few weeks ago. I love his colors!

This one I found at the Salvation Army & I got with the intention of updating him.  
His sporran is torn & he's holding a fish. 
He probably had a pole in the other hand at one time. 
I kind of like his colors!

Yet another reason I need to have a hutch - for my apothecary at Halloween & these guys at Christmas!

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