Friday, September 9, 2011

What I need is......

a sign for my cemetery.  This is the first year that it's had a name so it seems an occasion for a christening (but I'm not breaking any bottles of champagne!)

**disclaimer** This is going to be rambling, since I like to talk ideas out in my head & sketch.  Or in this case - images & a blogpost!

Now the question is.....what kind of sign?  I Googled wooden sign images for quick ideas and found these.....

I like the first 2 in that they can be out in the yard, closer to the road so it can be seen.  And they'd be really easy to make.  The third one could be hung on the fence, but I'm pretty sure I have stuff that goes there.  So neh.

I really like this idea.  I could conceivably put it between the 2 maples in the middle of the front yard.  Or there are 2 locations spanning the driveway.  And if I choose the driveway (and it doesn't get nixed by the non-Halloweeny husband) I have to make sure it's high enough for each of our cars with mulitple ham radio antennas to fit under.

So I'm leaning toward the yard.  I don't want to encicle the entire yard with a fence, so just a short length on each side of the "gate" maybe to reach the trees.  And since no one should be actually going under it, it can be low enough to see well.  And easier to light it up.

I think that would be more elegant.  But the smaller signs have their charm, too.   Maybe I'll just start small this year. 


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