September 06, 2011

Last day of vacation!

Sent the hubby back to work today & the girl off to school (9th grade - EEEK!) and how did I spend my day alone?  Shopping!!!  I don't usually get to go just wander stores at random without someone nagging me, so I enjoyed myself muchly.

I had my lonely breakfast at Tim Horton's with an apple cinnamon donut.  I didn't ask if they had pumpkin flavoring for the coffee yet.  I didn't want to confuse little old Ossanna, the cashier who is always there & knows how I like my coffee!  It's kind of nice to be considered a "regular"!

Went to JoAnn Fabrics & picked up some orange tights for the girl (her school colors are black, white & orange!!), some really nice plushy H'ween hand towels & some silk fall flowers. All their H'ween stuff was 30% off.

 Noise maker for my desk at work!!!

Just walked thru Marshall's / HomeGoods and looked at all their goodies.  I wish I would have had my camera there.  They had a set of little skeleton & ghost waterglobes.  The globes were slightly bigger than a golfball and located in the belly region.  The ghost's globe had a JOL in it.  The skeleton was disturbing.  He was sitting cross-legged and inside the globe, was his spine.  However it did not reach all the way to the ribcage.  So it basically looked like a white penis, especially with his hands down in front of it.  It was funny and wrong on many levels!

Went to Hobby Lobby & finally got the cardstock and some stickers to make cards for the Card Exchange on the HalloweenForum. Guess I should get busy on those!  I also found these guys...

too stinkin' cute! 

At Michael's I got some self-adhesive craft foam that I'm going to use for Chris & Jimmy's masks (my hockey sentries) and a fuzzy brown spider with a 30" leg span.  I'm ticked that I still haven't gotten an coupons emailed to me!

Then a NHR (not H'ween related) stop at Avenue for a pair of leggings & some undies.

When I stopped for lunch, I realized that I was already in the parking lot to Garden Ridge, so I ~had~ to go in.  This is probably one of the best selections of outdoor stuff I've seen so far this year.  3 different styles of blowmolds - those things are scarce around here!  A whole bunch of inflatables and lifesize skeletons for $50! I was tempted to get one & just push it around in a cart for fun!  The 3' ones would fit in the baby seat, too!  They also had the lifesize hanging ghosts & goblins, most of them with light & sound.  Tons of Funkins & ceramic pumpkins / gourds.  These are what I picked up....

  He's about 18-20 inches tall.

WOOHOO!  I found the shelf for my potion bottles!  It's 7" deep x 14" wide and 41" tall. It's not really as tall as I'd like, but I can build a box of some sort to stand it on. I also plan to paint it and cover that top medallion with a lime green glitter maple leaf I found someplace today, too. And I'll HAVE to choose my bottles wisely, since they won't all fit!

Then I had to make one more NHR stop at Wal-Mart (darn laundry anyway) and found the Martha Halloween magazine, so I had to get it!  I've heard good things about this year's offering from Miss Martha.
I totally love that she used 2" foam sheets to make her headstones!

I so want this cake!!

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